Goodbye UHF broadcast bands?#dvbw13


Nangapuram Venkatesh outlined the current hot spectrum issues at the ITU-R.  

 At the WRC-12 it was agreed that after 2015 (the meeting WRC-15) the ‘700MHz’ band, used today for television broadcasting, should be used for used for both broadcasting and mobile (‘IMT’) – they would be ‘co-primary’ users.  

 The ITU-R was invited to study sharing options for doing so, and this work has been undertaken by ITU groups including ITU-R Study Group 6.  The studies are also considering options for bands above the current TV broadcasting bands (which of course many broadcasters would prefer).  The likely outcome of the WRC-15 is not yet clear however.   

 The work comes together in a Joint Task Group (4-5-6-7) which will be the main source of information for WRC 15.  An input to the group from Study Group 6 has been a collection of replies to a questionnaire about the need for the 700MHz band.  The replies suggested that the need for this band for IMT was limited (hooray?).  A number of administrations were not happy with the questionnaire replies, and were given more time to reply to the questionnaire, so the overall picture is not yet known.

 Things should be more clear after a July meeting of the key group JTG 4-5-6-7.   How do you think it will all turn out?       

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