New detachable module for conditional access#dvbw13


Mark Londero Sony provided the history of the evolution of the detachable mechanism used for conditional access with DVB system.   

The original DVB detachable system, DVB-SI, developed in the 1990s was found to be ineffective because it did not contain the encryption system within its walls.  A group of companies set up a company to develop a more secure version, which is termed DVB-CI+.   In recent times, there has been work to bring back the CI+ system into the EBU fold.  The CI+ detachable mechanism has many advantages for broadcasters and users, Mark claimed. 

 CI+ is already in quite widespread use – more than 100 licences today and 200 million devices.

100% of TVs sold in Europe contain CI+.  

 The DVB CI+ will be V1.4, and it will have new features, including content delivery over IP.    The technical specification should be ready in June 2013. 

Will this be the death of the ‘set top box’?   


Going forward, the Commercial Module is looking ahead to potential new module shapes and plugs for future versions.              


2 Responses to “New detachable module for conditional access#dvbw13”

  1. Bob H Says:

    Nice to see the DVB saying “will this be the death of the STB?”, supporting your members?
    When CI+ came out everyone panicked and we quickly realised that the cost of a CI+ card was pretty much the cost of an STB. Plus, operators want to control the user experience and the TV manufacturers want the same thing.

  2. Paul Bristow (@RandomDTVGuru) Says:

    Will this be the death of the STB? Again? Take a look at Videonet’s take on this at

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