DVB-RCS2 offers much#dvbw13


Damian Palenzuela from Global IP explained how the new Return Channel system DVB-RCS2 is used.  The company uses DVB-RCS2 for uplinks. 

 The advantage of DVB-RCS2 allows fast frequency hopping, which reacts to local weather conditions and the system configuration.  This is the ACS (Adaptive Carrier Selection), which is the major advantage of RCS2.  There is also a high statistical multiplexing gain.   The ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) system allows the uplink to adapt to rain fades.   The advantage of RCS2 is thus the combination of the ACS and ACM which improves reliability.  The system provides also higher capacity, and wider coverage.   Customer prices can be lower. 

 Sound like its win win? 


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