Now it’s MPEG-H#dvbw13


Benjamin Bross from HHI took delegates through the newly issued HEVC compression system specification.  

What’s in a name?  It’s exactly the same system, but it’s called H.265 from the ITU-T side, and MPEG-H in the ISO and IEC.   Is this difference really necessary? 

The system is globally thought to provide 50% savings compared to MPEG-4 AVC.   Essentially, HEVC provides the same but improved coding tools compared to AVC.

Tests suggest that HEVC performs better for better for higher resolutions, which is good news for UHDTV.   HEVC has a still picture profile, which should provide 20% improvement over JPEG2000. 

The encoder is much more complex than AVC, but the decoder is not much more complex.  

 What impact do you think HEVC will have on our industry?    




One Response to “Now it’s MPEG-H#dvbw13”

  1. Vikram Chari Says:

    For sure will accelerate the use of HEVC/H.265/MPEG-H for UHDTV. This will be something that the broadcasters and the service providers will want, as it saves bandwidth.But it should somewhere in the late 2014 to mid 2015 time frame when we will see commercial products with the above standards incorporated.

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