New Options for effient OTT?


Scott Brown from Octoshape asked one of the 64,000 Euro questions – how OTT can be made economic serving large numbers of viewers.  The issue is to carry video, which even today consumers over 50% of all internet traffic.  Current unicast charging approaches for CDNs provide do not provide a predictable business model for content providers.   

 Using ‘edge caching’ infrastructure is not efficient, and doesn’t work efficiently for live streaming.   Adaptive streaming can only lower picture quality.   

Scott maintained that UDP transport provides the best option for consistent quality. 

 A solution needs to found which allows multicast to work efficiently, and overcomes the drawbacks of HTTP.   Octoshape believe they have a configuration which works well, by looking for around the best delivery option (multicast enablement) in any given case, and a technology called AMT.   It’s ‘the equivalent of installing a satellite network on the Internet’.  The system makes the business model predictable.    

 Does this make sense to you? 


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