Eurovision setting and using standards#dvbw13


Graham Warren from Eurovision explained what is involved in managing a large contribution network.   The figures are impressive.  The Olympic Games in 2012 was the largest television ever seen, carried around the world largely by the Eurovision network with 340MHz bandwidth.   The network is moving to all HD.    There is a dilemma with network capacity in that much network capacity is needed for sports at the weekend, but little during week.   Life has its problems?

 The Eurovision network is planning to use the DVB S2 extension, but in the meantime has been using a proprietary system, which improve data throughput by 25%.   The Eurovision network is also looking forward to using the DVB Carrier ID system.    Will Eurovision use DVB-Sx if its gain is a bit less than 25%?   Graham says yes, because of the advantage of having multiple suppliers for the equipment.  

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