Sky Deutschland and innovation, including Ultra-HD#dvbw13


Oliver Lewis from Sky Deutschland explained the range of services offered by Sky Deutschland, and gave some insight into the company’s strategy.   The company has seen rapid growth in its HDTV services.  No surprise.

 They have also moved heavily into services delivered by Internet, including iPAD apps, and services for iphones.   Interestingly these include shorter length items, such as the beginning of a movie that the viewer might want to see whether he is likely to watch it in full later on.

 One of the areas of this imaginative company’s strategy is Ultra-HD (4k) and this was something that many delegates were excited to hear.  Sky Deutschland has recently shot a football match in Germany in Ultra-HD, to gain experience.  Would they be pressed to say when such broadcasting services might begin?  No, Oliver explained that this would depend on the availability of the appropriate display in the home, and the production infrastructure for Ultra-HD, but it would be ‘some years hence’.   Nevertheless, the company does see Ultra-HD as a priority for the next few years.

 Would you like to make at guess at when we will see Ultra-HD broadcasting?

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