Hybrid success for ZDF at the OG#dvbw13.


Sadly a little plagued by technical difficulties during his presentation, Andreas Bereczky from ZDF provided an insight into the company’s activities in hybrid broadcasting.

The company made a very great effort with the Olympic Games via the their HbbTV service, which is gaining ground considerably in home receivers. The results were very succesful.   Using HbbTV, it was possible to greatly enlarge the range of sports events that were simultaniously available .

Andreas explained that many questions are open about the cost of distribution by Internet when the whole population of Germany tries to use it , and to which he has not been able to find answers.  But, for sure, the use of Internet enlarged the offer available by broadcasters.

Do you think the costs of using Internet to the ‘whole’ population will ever be economically viable?

One Response to “Hybrid success for ZDF at the OG#dvbw13.”

  1. Rudolf Eyberg Says:

    Today a lot of people tend to forget, that broadcast is very cost effective for a large number of subscribers. Broadcast with intelligent HDD local storage is also a quite intelligent solution. However some mobile/IP operators see a big chance for income with dedicated IPTV services and some consumers might tend to pay more for IP services than they are ever willing to pay for broadcast services.

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