Hybrid success for HbbTV


Klaus Illgner, who is to some extent, ‘Mr HbbTV’ gave an impressive explanation of the progress in the roll out of the HbbTV hybrid broadcasting system. There is considerable momentum behind it, and there is interest from other parts of the world. HbbTV is not a ‘DVB-developed’ system, but members of the HbbTV consortium make up the HbbTV membership. The author of this blog is not sure why this is?
HbbTV is a system which allows viewers who have an internet connected TV to call up a range of content from the broadcaster’s web site. It looks like it will be included in most if not all sets sold in a number of countries- so it is a major success.

2 Responses to “Hybrid success for HbbTV”

  1. Anthony S-Chaigneau (@ASChaigneau) Says:

    As a stalwart DVB paid up member and DVB World participant I am puzzled at the DVB allowing such flagrant anti-DVB rhetoric in its midst. This did not expose the audience to a Hybrid TV landscape as promised but pitched a non-DVB system that is equitable to a very old MHP1.0.x Intenet profile which has been in the market for many, many years!

    And…How many countries do you need for a claim of Pan-European Standard.

    Where were the GFK figures to support the roll-out of this Pan European standard that is so fantastic? They dare not show them.

    No mention of Hybrid Companion Screen which is the new paradigm of Interactivity. Hybrid is not HbbTV its a substitute Broadcast solution that is happy to have an Internet connection but does not need one…That sounds like MHEG5 another Pan European solution – nay worldwide solution!

    A presentation that was a sales pitch, too vague about Hybrid and far too much lobbying for this forum – this has no place in this environment for such an international audience and DVB has been missive despite balanced presentations from Italy (albeit showing deployment from 2004 until today and not just trials in France and Spain (No samples shown).

  2. Nigel Prankard Says:

    Controversially, is what being demonstrated as Germany HbbTV implementation any different from what is already capable inthe UK with MHEG? I did not see any difference in the German HbbTV solutions over manufacturers portals. The HbbTV implemenation still requires the user to change to a channel to obtain OTT content from a specific provider. That is to say there is no cross polution of content providers. No only do we need harmonised standards we need content providers to provide harmonised access to all services not just their own!

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