A common worldwide system for terrestrial broadcasting?


Mark Richer from the ATSC explained the plans for upgraded versions of the ATSC systems ….ATSC 2.0 and 3.0. The ATSC has already developed a system which allows mobile reception embedded in the ATSC signal, and there is much thought going into a new system, which is not ‘backwards compatible’, ATSC 3.0. Mark progressed to a description of a new initiative, the Future of (Terrestrial) Broadcast Television, which is bringing together companies from around the world, and which will examine whether there could eventually be a single digital terrestrial broadcasting system. Could such an idea ever succeed? What do you think?

2 Responses to “A common worldwide system for terrestrial broadcasting?”

  1. Simon Gauntlett Says:

    It’s a nice idea and it would be good to develop this rather than have it imposed on the industry by the likes of Apple….

    However, all the national content providers have thier own business requirements and consumer expectations so building something that satisfies everyone could be a big and very expensive beast and not efficient?

    Although, a next step changes seems likely and with MPEG-H (utilivising DASH, HEVC and 3D audio) combined with MIMO could well provide something to sustain the terrestrial platform.

  2. Bob Hannent (@bobdvb) Says:


    Though I suppose effectively that is what one of the 4G’s, or its successors would be? MPEG-H with 4G or higher are more likely to win because of the telcos and ITU/WRC work.

    I suppose the question is, do you really need a dedicated terrestrial broadcast transmission format? I would argue you do, but that politics is likely to stop one single format dominating. ISDB-T and DVB-T2 were hotly competing and I would suggest that even got ugly at times. I don’t see any of the key players laying down their arms and co-operating so tightly as to create a third generation TV system that isn’t mobile broadband driven.

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