Breakdowns around the corner?


Dan Reed from Microsoft offered the keynote, arguing that for futurology ‘the questions don’t change, only the answers’. This sounded profound and quotable, but I have yet to work out why. But his point about how the ‘rates of change ‘of technology are becoming more rapid, is arguably true. Therefore, logically, the vision that social scientist Alvin Toffler had in the 1960s, that the rate of changes in our world will get faster and faster until we finally all have a nervous breakdown, seems set to happen. Now there’s a depressing thought. Dan seemed to be more optimistic, that we could stay sane, as long as we realise what is happening to us and ‘all work together’. Dan asked the audience what our idea of a ‘digital experience’ is – is it about gaming, web, TV, or something else……what will it be in future? We used just to be ‘viewers’ and ‘listeners’. In future we will need a whole new set of adjectives. Viewlistgameemailweber?

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