Playing the Pipes of DVB-T2 #dvbw11


Multiple Physical Layer Pipes is a feature of DVB-T2, and Stefan Krueger explained the concept.   The system allows services intened for different types of receiver to be includes in the same broadcast multiplex.   You could have a service for rooftop, mobile, or portables all in the same broadcast channel.  The concept has been tested in Berlin – a ‘PLP Plug Fest’- and two services were combined, one  10Mbit/s HD to rooftop aerials and others intended at 3.5Mbit/s  for portable reception.   Much work remains to be done, to define different modes and their match to the different service options.   The objective is to find the ‘optimum packages’ of combinations of services.    Its a fantastic tool, but will we meet again the old problem of finding a working business plan for mobile services?  What do you think?

2 Responses to “Playing the Pipes of DVB-T2 #dvbw11”

  1. Anthony Smith-Chaigneau Says:

    This is a very well conceived system that can offer a multitude of models to the Broadcaster – I am impressed. Whether there is more business models to exploit this is yet to be seen. However with the advent of Portable Screens there is a case for a Fixed mode and Mobile mode as a minimum.

  2. David Wood Says:

    But ‘flexibility^seems always to come with a price tag. i wonder what it is here?

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