Cable is tied up now #dvbw11


The DVB-C2 specification was completed in 2009.  It joins the S2 and T2 systems as arguebaly the most advanced digital delivery systems in the world today.   C2 uses COFDM (like the DVB T systems).   Philipp Hasse explained the process of validation and verification.   Test Cases are being prepared which can be used by C2 equipment manufacturers.  He explained that curently no critical issues have been found,  so the specification looks set well for roll out.    Christoph Schaaf completed the C2 story with news of commercial launches.   The system uses a very high level QAM which gives very high capacity but need a high signal to noise ratio.   C2 will allow doubling of the capacity of cable channels.   The likelyhood is that future set manufacturers of integrated TVs will include both T2 and C2 in the receiver.    Christoph gave some interesting statistics about the propensity of viewers to want ever greater download bit rates.    It seems there is much life yet in cable delivery systems.   Perhaps our expectations for wireless broadband are too high?   What do you think?

3 Responses to “Cable is tied up now #dvbw11”

  1. juso rodal Says:

    The content is king, no matter the network wire or wireless. Europe is growing old and this means according to what we heard yesterday from Alix, a way back to linear television with good quality, which means high bit rate and DVBC2 for the case of cable networks. On the other hand, younger people tend to consume wireless content, so the expectations for wireless are high too. At the end of the day, it will not be a matter of engineering (everything is invented or on its way to be invented), but a matter of sociology.

  2. David Wood Says:

    If Europe is growing old, why are broadcasters and manufacurers focussing so much on young people? They are getting fewere and they are not the ones with the money?

  3. reslfj Says:

    1. They are stupid – we do have the money and we are getting slower on the zapper,

    but then again –

    2. We are also from around 68 and “don’t follow leaders” (or so we like to think)

    Lars 🙂

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