Is LTE the future of media delivery?


Joerg Huschke from Ericson spoke about ‘LTE’.  He spoke of a LTE being a ‘complementary’ industry.   (Some delegates might see things in a more adverserial sense for broadcasters. )  LTE seems likely to be ‘the’ worldwide 4G system.   How much data capacity can LTE delivery?   Typical LTE user data rates in 2010, Joerg said, are 10-100Mbit/s per user.   Tomorrow’s smartphones will use LTE.   For media which is popular the MBMS broadcast mode can be used instead of unicast.

For the future, formalised liaison between the 3GPP and DVB is possible.  Could this result is a ‘combined’ DVB-T2 and LTE system?  What could it look like?

No doubt the discussion about the relative efficiency and relative use of LTE MBMS and systems like DVB-T2  for media delivery will continue.

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