France, Digital TV, and Cheese #dvbw11


Jean Pierre Lacotte, Chair of the French HDTV Forum explained why the complexity of meeting French broadcasting needs is more difficult than the Frenchmans most difficult choice – choosing a cheese.

French viewers show a propensity for HDTV, and so all broadcasters aspire to move to HDTV to keep their audiences.   The transition requires simulcasting, and is highly complex.

Will all countries broadcasting digital terrestrial television go the same way?  What do you think?

French purchasers are buying ever larger screens, so broadcasters must provide ever higher picture quality.

One of the other complexities of French broadcasting is how to migrate from DVB-T to DVB-T2.     Add to that the introduction of hybrid broadcasting and 3DTV.   Furthermore, the hope is to introduce a common EPG covering all channels for France.

I think I stick to selecting the cheese.


2 Responses to “France, Digital TV, and Cheese #dvbw11”

  1. Bob Says:

    I thought the choice of cheese for a Frenchman was always simple: “anything as long is it was made by French hands”.

  2. David Wood Says:

    It’s not true. The shps in France near the border also sell ‘Cheddar cheese’ at three times the UK price.

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