Clear picture of South Africa #dvbw11


Gerhard Petrick from SADIBA ( a voluntary industry body that works for the nations in southern africa) told the story of how decisions have been reached on digital terrestrial television standards.   The topic of standards has been rediscussed recently at many workshops and there has been much press coverage of the issues.   The decision needed was whether to continue with the decision to use a DVB system, or use the ISDB-T system being used in Brazil.   Tests were made in Soweto of DVB-T2.    The multichannel services extremely well liked by participants.   Technology comparisons were done.  Finally in November 2010 a decision in favour of DVB-T2 was taken.

South Africa has 10 million TV housholds.  They want to complete the transition by 2013, starting now.   Big job?  As many as 70% of homes will need a subsidy to chnage to digital.

I loved the Soweto test viewer who explained that having multichannel DVB-T2 he no longer went to sleep at night – too much good on TV.       So it’s all worth it, isn’t it?

2 Responses to “Clear picture of South Africa #dvbw11”

  1. Julián Seseña Says:

    Congratulations to Petrick for the excellent presentation and the historic process of selecting the digital TV standard in South Africa.
    In this process, the South Africans have demonstrated a high level of profesionalism, rigurosity, smart minds and clear pictures on their requirements and interests.
    The success of SA process will undoubtely influence decisions to many other countries.
    Congratulations to Phil also on his deepest involvement withint the SA process even surviving to the political and diplomatic incidents!!!

  2. David Wood Says:

    This is an amazing story isn’t it. You could not better it in a spy thriller.

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