Chairman’s address?


Phil Laven, Chairman of DVB Steering Board, said he was about to give the Chairman’s address.  He said it was ‘’.  This is the first time we have heard this joke TODAY.

Phil projected that there will be nearly 900 million DVB receivers out there by 2014.   An amazing logo for Philippe Juttens who designed the logo in 1993.  Most of the growth seems to be coming from terrestrial broadcasting.

Phil spoke of the “big battle” in Africa this year, where choices have been and are being made about a terrestrial digital standards.   He said he had been troubled by ‘mis-statements’ made by others about what DVB-T2 can do.   Welcome to the real world of politics, Phil.

Phil explained that others might offer manufacturing plants to nations in return for adopting a standard, whereas the DVB could only offer DVB World conference bags.     Maybe the bags could be sold on E-bay?

Phil concluded that the DVB project really did have ‘the best standards’ around……..

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