Will LTE make broadcasting redundant?


Ulrich Reimers dared to ask the question  for which we  ‘whistle and look away’ when it is raised.  Can the next generation mobile phone system, LTE, be used for broadcast services?   Ulrich explained that a lot of the LTE elements come from DVB systems (hooray).   Actually, Ulrich calculated that DVB-T2 is about 50% more bit rate efficient than LTE.    Ulrich explained that the old idea MBMS was never used in practice because it is not ‘broadcast friendly’ (ask Ulrich if you want more explanation).    The new varient MBSFN is better but still not as efficient as DVB-T2.   LTE networks need very dense networks, dramatically smaller than DVB-T   Ulrich concluded that although LTE is more efficient than UMTS, as a means of providing a ‘broadcast’  it is much less efficient than DVB systems, and cannot be used for high quality video delivery.    Are we saved?

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