Watch out for this today!


Day three sessions include a host of interesting presentations.

Here’s some of the things I am hoping to learn.  How about you?

I’ll be comparing the DTT in the UK and France in presentations 1 and 3 , where they have taken different paths about DTT  (DVB-T in one case, DVB-T2 in the other).  Why did they do it differently?   Is the a right way and a wrong way?

I’ll be listening carefully to presentations 4 and 6, about DVB-H.   Is the Austrian DVB-H bisniness model one that could be used accross Europe?   What do you think?  I am a bit worried because we heard earlier in the conference that DVB-H technology may now be ‘out of date’?    And why isn’t DVB-H used in Germany and else where?  Anyone know?

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