Please please, let’s stop the plurality virus!


Stefan Krueger from Media Broadcast  explained the DVB-H model used in Austria.  In passing he explained that the situation in Germany for DVB-H is that there are no services currently on air.

The company  MB responded to the national invitation to tender for mobile broadcasting for  Austria and won, beating the local broadcaster ORF.  The business model is that there are three mobile operators,  who ‘broadcast’ the service package.   The channel providers take care of the rights issues for the mobile versions of their own channels.   There are 15 TV and 5 radio programmes in the offer – all operators have the same package.     52% of the Austrian population is covered, and 33% of the geographical area.

The DVB-H multiplex is IP based.    A managed DVB-H service is sent to the operators in Austria.   Providing a DVB-H service to multiple network providers, as in Austria, is complex because each operator has their own unique application layer for the DVB-H service.

Stefan echoed the sentiment that world we have created, with a multitude of standards and options, really is a ‘headache’.    Furthermore, we are tripping over ourselves with new standards before old standards have been implemented.

He really cuts to the core problem, doesn’t he?

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