Reimers cooks the books


There are loads and loads of DVB standards and reports, so we really do need another report to explain how everything fits together.   Such is the task of the ‘Cookbook’ (OK, not a great title for those who don’t know what it is).

Ulrich takes us through the list of standards covered in the recent Cookbook.  These are written by Ulrich of course in fantastically clear way.   There are a number of DVB standards on IPTV, which Ulrich describes.    Use of these systems appears to be growing, which is a most welcome development for a fragmented IPTV world.

The ‘second generation’ DVB systems are arguably the most important DVB specifications.  DVB-S2 seems, as Ulrich explains, to be taking over the broadcasting world.   Similarly DVB-T2 is  scheduled to be used in the UK for second generation DTT, and to be tested in Germany shortly.   The next generation cable system, DVB-C2 is said to be ‘still cooking’, and hopefully the spec will be approved by Spring 2009.   DVB-RCS is an old friend scheduled for a make over, largely to allow return channels by satellite for broadcasts to handhelds.

One of the most fascinating issues for the future is whether there should be a second generation system for broadcasting to handhelds.  DVB-H was developed four or five years ago, DVB-SH somewhat sooner,  but inevitably technology has probably moved on now.    The Commercial Module is considering whether it is needed.    Someone will have to tell Mrs Reding if DVB-H is ‘overtaken by technology’.  I hope it’s not me.

Great presentation Ulrich, and a great tie.

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