CableLabs – a case for closer collaboration?


David Reed from the US cable industry laboratory in Denver explained the roll out of the tru2way system in digital cable networks in the USA – a system linked to MHP, and  Internet delivered services, to enhance TV programme multimedia.    This use by cable in the States joins the use of MHP by Blu-ray worldwide (where it is known as BD-J).   The author wonders why MHP seems to have rather more success outside Europe (where it was developed) than inside Europe?  Why do you think this is?  tru2way can be used to enhance graphics delivered the more simple graphics delivered by interactive television

David streesed the past collaboartion between DVB and Cable labs.  He also  raised interesting ideas for future collaboration.  DVB-C2 is under study at CableLabs.   DVB-IPTV is also being studied, and the Home Networking environment may be an area ripe for future collaboration.

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